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    Gtechwebindia offers image processing services, image cleaning, image re-touching, image editing, removing background from the image and photo editing services. Occasional images can be processed within the organization with minimum investment in equipment, software and a few trained personnel. But modern businesses tend to generate data in such huge volume and images form a considerable part of it, that a professional set up is called for image enhancement. High quality image transformation is one of the specialized services provided by Gtechwebindia.

    Images are extensively being used in business documents to enhance their effectiveness. We all know, it can be effectively used to explain something, as evidence, or to demonstrate something. Images such as photographs, drawings, plan layouts etc. These images form an integral part of documents or are essential supplement to text documents; they too need to be processed with other data. Images come in different sizes and formats. Sometimes, it can also be in very bad physical condition. It requires trained personnel with an artistic outlook to deliver high quality picture enhancement without disturbing the original nature of the image.

    Image processing, just as document processing, has become important in the current world. At Gtechwebindia, we provide image scanning services for organizations and businesses. Our image processing services can transform information provided on micrographics, paper and other media into a variety of digital formats on a variety of media. Image processing guarantees increased productivity, reduced costs and extended capabilities for all kinds of businesses.

    Image processing services
    • Image re-touching, cleaning & cloning
    • Image resizing
    • Image cropping
    • Image masking
    • Background editing
    • Color correction
    • Digital watermark / signature
    • Image brighten, lighten and darken
    • Vector graphics

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