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    Article writing in your niche is the best method to create awareness and present yourself as an expert in the field. To make your website rank higher it is important to write articles for blogs and guest blogs that link directly or indirectly to you site. Certain keywords are added to your article that enables people who search for those keywords go to your blog, guest blog or articles and in turn get to your site.

    Article writing is not limited to SEO but also helps build a good PR if the information you provide is relevant and expresses yourself as an expert in the field. It builds trust among the readers of your articles and gives them a reason to revisit your site again and again. Frequently added and updated articles make sure your readers never get enough and come back for more.

    At Gtechwebindia, we understand that for good SEO, original and high quality articles are a must. Our team of expert writers makes sure that the articles are related to your niche and carefully researched keywords are added to ensure high ranking. Here are some of the guidelines that we follow in writing great content:-

    Relevancy of Content:

    The articles that our experts write are highly accurate and most importantly RELEVANT. Many times when people write articles, they stuff it with as many keywords as possible, forgetting the most important part of article writing; content. The content makes or breaks an article and here at Gtechwebindia, we know that content is very important in article writing.

    Limited Word Count:

    We all lead busy lives nowadays and most people don’t have enough time to read a 1000 word article therefore, word restriction becomes an important part of article writing. Our experts limit the word count to 500-700 words and make sure that every important topic is included in those words.

    Good Presentation:

    Making your articles presentable is very important to ensure maximum readability. This is done by adding appropriate Headings and Sub headings where required, organizing the content in paragraphs, adding bullets and lists and also adding pictures to make the article even more presentable.

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