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    We have been offering data capturing and data extraction services for a very long time and have been recognized as one of the leading IT-enabled service companies in the market. We provide services at the best prices and our services are of international standard as we have helped many organizations all over the world. Business process outsourcing has gained considerable recognition in the past few years as it reduces overheads and expenses, and mainly cuts down time limits.

    We are world class service providers in the field of Data entry, data extraction, data conversion and many other IT skills. We have dealt with businesses from all over the world, big and small alike. We use the latest cutting edge technologies and our data services are highly accurate. We process every type of textual data including published documents, manuscripts, scanned images, internet searches and so on and convert them into digital files. We also process huge volumes of data from forms, on-line sheets and documents and convert them into databases or inventories as required. We have in our command, all the technologies to extract all the data you need to any format that you require.

    We have a team of experts that is technologically advanced and skilled in every manner and fulfill any and all data extraction requirements.

    What is Data Extraction/ Data Capturing?

    Data Extraction/capturing is a process of collecting or extracting information from various sources and feeding this collected information into computer systems. The data obtained is also called external data. This data is obtained by many ways like analyzing sounds, images or videos. These sounds, videos or images are converted into digital format with a transducer. These files are stored and analyzed by a computer and/or compared with other files in the database. Some gadgets that use the principle of data capturing include bar code scanners, biometrics, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), magnetic stripes, voice recognition, smart card and OCR (Optical Character recognition).

    Data capturing has many uses. It is a valuable tool in supermarkets and stores where goods are scanned using a bar code scanner, money transaction through ATMs, where swiping the card authenticates the identity of the individual and gives him/her access to their accounts, biometrics use data capturing to dispense punch cards and attendance registers at work places by taking finger prints, voice prints and so on not just to update entry exit timings but also to check authenticity for approving admission.

    The type of Data Capturing/Extraction services we offer:-
    • Scanning, OCR and Data Capture.
    • On-site data capture.
    • Remote data capture.
    • Managing and Capturing information in large volumes.
    • Electronic Data capture.
    • Converting documents like paper, micro-films etc.
    • Document Sorting and Batching.
    • Indexing of digital files.

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