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Order Processing solutions and services to help grow your business.

    Order processing is one of the most important tasks in online selling and if done wrong, can impact your business in a major way. All the hard work that you do, namely, posting products, posting their images, uploading detailed descriptions and all the processes involved, will be of no use if you cannot process a customer order correctly.

    Here, at Gtechwebindia, we understand the need of efficient order processing and have on our disposal, a team of experts dedicated solely to process orders online. Our specialists carefully go through and validate all the components of an order before processing it, ensuring a hassle free sales experience – and repeat business.

    For more than 9+ years, we have been providing order processing services to various clients and services such as, but not limited to – fashion, footwear, clothing, electronics, and many more. Our experts are highly skilled in single as well as bulk order processing. Here are some reasons to hire our team of experts for your order processing requirements.

    Cost Cut Down:

    At least 50% savings in outsourcing your online order processing.

    Save Time:

    Outsourcing order processing services can be highly beneficial to your business. By doing so you save time, effort and manpower, all of which can be utilized elsewhere (like marketing and growing your business).

    Bulk and Batch Order Processing :

    We also do bulk and batch order processing to process high volume of orders.

    Minor Edits:

    We regularly revise information if required like changing SKU’s, quantities, descriptions, costs etc.

    Database Management:

    We also manage and store customer data effectively and efficiently to ensure increased profits, productivity and better consumer relationships.

    Payment Processing:

    We process all you customer’s payments quickly and efficiently like credit card/debit card information, net-banking, generating invoices and more.

    Order Tracking/Status Report:

    We assist in tracking orders right up to the delivery to the customer. We track products by tracking numbers and have experience shipping with many major shippers like DHL, Fed-Ex, UPS, BlueDart etc.

    Return Order Management :

    We will help you process returns from your customers without delay in order to ensure that your customers stay satisfied.

    Inventory Management :

    We keep an updated inventory of all you products so that you are up to date on product quantity, availability, status and other details.

    Privacy and Security in All Our Services :

    Privacy and security in all our services : We never share sensitive information (such as customer address, numbers, credit card information and so on) with anyone and maintain a high level of privacy in all the services we offer. All the information is kept strictly confidential and used only for purposes specified by you (for more information, see our privacy policy).

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