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    While SEO is important for getting a high rank in search engines, it is not the only way. What if a potential customer searches for a keyword and you want your site to be listed at the top of the search? That’s where our eCommerce PPC (pay per click) Management Services come into the picture. Most people believe that PPC campaigns are only for large businesses but it holds true for small businesses as well. Just think about it. Someone searches for a keyword in you niche and he gets the link to your website on the top of the search, wouldn’t it result in a huge increase in traffic to your site and increase sales? For this you need the right people and our experts in PPC management will help you achieve just that. We have more than 8 years of experience in ecommerce PPC management services and have a team of dedicated experts who have been carrying out successful PPC campaigns for small and large businesses alike.

    Managing PPC Accounts:

    We manage all the PPC accounts of the clients and our client retention rate of more than 80% speaks for itself.

    Keyword Optimization and Reduction of Duplicate Content:

    We research all your product PPC keywords and find out the most used keywords people use to find your website. We also make sure that duplicate content is not used as it is categorized as spamming your webpage.

    Use of Ad extensions:

    Not everyone will visit your site with the same intention. We segment ads based on keyword searches so that the same ad is not shown to all. Our PPC Experts build and test multiple ads and discard ads that are not profitable.

    Monthly/Quarterly Reports:

    Our eCommerce PPC Management team will give you monthly, quarterly and sometimes even weekly reports of your PPC campaign.

    Product Feeds and Bid Campaigns:

    Our PPC experts will also create product feeds and bid campaigns to deliver image based product listings and ensure high click through rates and conversion.

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