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    The success of you online business depends upon the number of people finding the products that you offer in online searches. As important it is to retain existing customers, equally important it is to gain new customers via non branded searches in order to grow your business. Gtechwebindia offers eCommerce SEO services to eCommerce businesses of all sizes across all industries and will help you get more incoming traffic to your website and improve brand visibility throughout the web. Our team of SEO experts works with you to integrate all the marketing efforts including promotions, advertisements, newsletters, PPC and many more into your SEO campaign. Our tried and tested SEO campaigns have been recognized by some of the best eCommerce websites out there that deal with a variety of services such as, but not limited to clothing, electronics, footwear, bathroom and kitchen accessories, jewelry and many more. So make sure you use our 9+ years of experience to grow your business.

    ON / OFF Page Optimization:

    We study your eCommerce website before designing an SEO campaign tailored to your needs. Our team of eCommerce SEO experts carefully analyze each page, keywords and all the factors that are needed for successfully running SEO.

    Keywords Analysis:

    Our team carefully researches the most useful and popular keywords specific to your industry and populates your content with them as many times as possible.

    SEO Friendly Page URLs:

    Proper SEO means that your entire website content is well optimized, even your page URLs. Our experts change and update page URLs so that your website ranks higher in search engines. It includes the site architecture and better links, anchor texts and keyword populates content. We also optimize title tags, Meta tags and other factors as well.

    White Hat Link Building Campaign:

    We develop and execute a strategic ongoing white hat link building campaign. Inbound links to your site makes sure that your trust with a search engine grows over time. We audit and research all the incoming links to your site and optimize them for better SEO. SEO ranking is also dependent on high quality inbound links from high ranking sites.

    PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing:

    Our team of experts in PPC campaigns has been recognized by some of the most popular eCommerce giants and is in a class of its own. We are very well versed in most of the PPC campaigns out there like Google Ad words. We constantly monitor, update and modify your pay per click campaigns to increase site visits and click through rates.

    Social Media Marketing:

    There is a great chance that your target audience is already there on Social Media Networking sites. Therefore, the need to use these social media channels becomes a very important part in spreading the message to as many people as possible. This is the primary reason why businesses across the world hire social media optimization experts like us to make sure their business gets the desired exposure and visibility. Our 9+ years of experience in this field makes us the undisputed leader of SEO services.

    Article Writing and Submissions:

    Article writing is not limited to SEO but also helps build a good PR if the information you provide is relevant and expresses yourself as an expert in the field. It builds trust among the readers of your articles and gives them a reason to revisit your site again and again. Frequently added and updated articles make sure your readers never get enough and come back for more.

    Directory Submissions:

    High traffic is ensured by submitting your website to both free and paid web directories. You can decide which directory to submit based on pre-selected web directories.

    Press Releases Writing and Submissions:

    Our experts write relevant and view grabbing press release articles to submit to the top press release websites

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