Photo Editing / Image Editing

Photo Cleaning solutions and services to help grow your business.

    We offer various Graphic design services such as image correction, digital image processing, image editing, photo manipulation, portrait retouching etc. Image editing complements online e-commerce websites as images are crucial to uploading products and it is through an image that a customer decides to buy a product. The images should also complement the design of your online store website. You may also need to create catalogs of various products so image editing becomes an important factor in your e-commerce success. Our graphic designers and artists have years of experience and make average shots of your products into masterpieces. Our image correction and image manipulation services are world class and have been recognized by some of the world’s most successful businesses. Our services include:

    • Image foreground extraction (removing the foreground objects from the background).
    • Adding uniform image background.
    • Image enhancement – Improving the lighting, resolution, shadows and contrasts of an image.
    • Image cropping – Making images suitable for uploading to websites by carefully cropping in the correct aspect ratio and maintaining the lowest file size with the highest quality.
    • Resizing images for multipurpose uses such as thumbnails, blowup and zoom.
    • Renaming the images to proper names to complement SEO.

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