Medical & Insurance Data Entry

    We offer Professional back office data entry services at affordable rates. Our services include medical claims data entry, insurance claims data entry, online and offline data entry, data conversion, data processing, and many other back office services. You should consider outsourcing your data entry needs if you have not already done so. Data entry can easily be isolated and delegated to data entry service providers for expert completion.

    At Gtechwebindia, we have a team of data entry experts who take care of all your medical and insurance data entry tasks at best rates possible and give you only high quality work. We guarantee complete confidentiality and security of your data (read our privacy policy), and can even expand or contract the personnel working on your services to suit the need of the current project. We have more than 8 years of experience in providing data entry services and this gives us a complete edge over our competitors. We make use of the latest cutting edge technology and our services are highly accurate, responsive and unmatched. We have served many clients over the years and continue to serve as an undisputed leader in terms of data entry services.

    Medical and insurance claims data entry is a vast market as it can include a large volume data entry, manual data entry and complex data requirements with multi format data requirements like dates, text, images, fee and many other specific needs. We also offer other services in data entry like data conversion, OCR/scanning, data extraction, data mining and many more. See our services page for more information. Here are a few examples of the medical and insurance data entry projects.

    Medical claims
    • Hospitalization
    • Lab or tests
    • Prescriptions
    Insurance claims
    • Auto
    • Home and property
    • Two wheeler
    • Diability
    • Long-term care
    • Workers compensation
    • Office insurance
    Premiums and Fees
    • Annual, Bi-Annual and Quarterly Fees
    • Part due fees
    • Service Charges
    • Payment approval of processing
    Enrollment and Policy Information
    • Policy coverage
    • Policy cancellation
    • Members and personal information
    • Coverage descriptions
    • Agency and Agent information

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