Price Tracking / Monitoring Services

If you have an online store or are planning to launch one in the near future, chances are that you might have checked the prices of you competitors. After all, sometimes, pricing is the only edge you have over your competitors. This is where our Price tracking and monitoring services come in the picture. We have a highly accurate and precise way of monitoring the prices of your competitors. Price monitoring is necessary because it helps you decide whether you are selling your products at reasonable rates, underselling or overselling. Apart from this we also help you in managing your product inventories in case you never run out of products to sell.

Price tracking and monitoring is a very important key for growth in today’s times and it is often overlooked. You need a dedicated team of experts to provide you with competitor price monitoring services and our Price tracking experts are well qualified to do the job for you. We have been providing price monitoring services for the past 8 years and have a vast experience in the field. Our specialists have worked in many industries like clothing, electronics, bathroom and kitchen accessories and many more. Here are the service details.

What makes us different?


99.99% Accuracy

Our expert quality assurance team maintain mulit-level quality and quantities controls.


Data Security

Custom security solutions to help protect your data against internal and external threats.


Expert Data Entry Team

We are experts in data entry, data processing, data conversion. We have 09+ years experience in this data entry industry.

Price Tracking/ Monitoring Services

We monitor prices in real time so that you are up to date on the pricing strategies of your competitors. We also make sure to updating you on any new products being launched in you niche either manually or by an automated process. Here are some of our tracking methods:

  • Automated Tracking
  • We make use of all the cutting edge technology by automating the price monitoring system.

  • Manual Tracking
  • We also provide manual tracking in case you want a precise monitoring service.

  • Product Matching Accuracy
  • It is very important to maintain a high level of accuracy in price monitoring and tracking, and matching products from different sites.

  • Competitive Price Analysis
  • We always use advanced analysis techniques to help you stay ahead of you competitors at all times.

  • Price History Analysis
  • We determine the optimal future price of the products that you offer by analyzing its price history and trends which helps you to re-price your products so that you can better serve your customers while maintaining steady profits.

  • Price optimization
  • We also optimize the prices of the products you offer on your behalf and make sure that your profits are always high.

Our team

Our qualified teams of skilled data entry associates are dedicated to offer complete and accurate data entry work to our worldwide clients at the turnaround time. We could manage all your data entry requirements and can even advise you on how to keep costs low without commotion and 99.99% accuracy.

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"I’m an Entrepreneur in a computer business and we have lots and lots of paperwork and data entry work in excel and word just like any Multinational Company. It’s really a big responsibility to protect customer’s data whether it’s names or street addresses and sometimes credit card information. We were looking for a company on which we can rely and Gtechwebindia provided the secure environment as expected."

Dean, Florida