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Shopify product solutions and services to help grow your business.

    Shopify is one of the most powerful and efficient HOSTED e-commerce solution and has a list of more than 70,000 satisfied online store owners. Setting up an online store using shopify is relatively easy and being a hosted e-commerce software, it takes all the hassles of domain and hosting purchase away from you.

    Uploading products to your Shopify store, however, is another matter. Its time consuming and most of the time-BORING. We take this task from you and do it in a manner that you keep wondering, what do I sell next? We take great pride in telling you that we have more than 9+ years of experience in the field and are more than qualified for your vote of confidence. Just focus on growing your business and let us do all the tedious work for you like product data entry, image uploading, order processing, inventory management and so on. Here is a laundry list of why we are the best at what we do:-

    Shopify Data entry:

    We manage all your data entry needs in Shopify such as product information, product keywords, product meta tags, product image uploads, product pricing, product descriptions and reviews, comments and more

    Shopify Manual Product Upload:

    We upload products as specified by you, manually or bulk. Our team of experts add all the necessary information needed to make your product more searchable and easy to find for your customers. We do that by carefully selecting proper words and keywords to describe your products in product details, titles, images, captions and so on.

    Shopify Bulk Product Upload:

    If you have a huge inventory of products you would like to be added to your store then make use of our bulk upload services of Shopify. This is done by creating CSV files which are made with all the information such as IDs, Names, Manufacturers, Costs, Shipping information, thumbnails and more.

    Adding and Updating Shopify Products:

    Our Shopify experts help you in:-

    • Add a new product in your Shopify store.
    • Or add a new product by Shopify POS.
    • Updating an existing product.
    • Replica a product.
    • Remove a product.
    • Add or update product details.
    Shopify Product Image Upload and Editing:

    Your given images show how your product looks. The best file type for an image is .jpg. We manage your all product images in the following manner:-

    • Add images associated with the product.
    • Add alt text with images.
    • Change the variant of the image and add this with the product.
    • Add images with existing variants.
    • Manage image sizes.
    • Save from harm.
    Shopify Search Engine friendly URLs:

    When we use shopify as an online store then we create SEO friendly URL to maximize the possibilities of getting listed in a search engine result page.

    Shopify Order Processing:

    Delivery of the shipment to the correct address is very important and we make it easy and simple by the following steps:-

    • Shipping and Billing addresses may be adjusted as same to different.
    • Providing facility for auto completion address.

    There are 3 different options for fulfilling orders that we actually configure for you:-

    • Automatically
    • Manually
    • Fulfill part of an order

Discuss your Shopify Product Data Entry project with us.

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